Multi-Day Kayak Tours

2-day A Ragged Discovery Copeland Islands Kayak / Camping tour

This 2-day kayak tour, departing from Lund Harbour, will give us the opportunity to explore this fantastic marine park and its surroundings. We set up camp on a small island in the northern section of the marine park. Often, kayakers and boaters seems to ‘rush’ into Desolation Sound and forget about this classic kayak destination.

BC has grown up around the Georgia Strait. The beauty of the surrounding mountains, the islands, the inlets, the marine life and the isolation of the coastal areas attract visitors from around the world. The Copeland Islands archipelago is situated in the most northern waters of the strait and consists of a string of islands and islets and offers spectacular views in all directions. These are the breeding grounds for many species of birds. Seals and seasonally sea lions haul out on exposed rocks. Lately, humpback whales and killer whales are passing by more and more. Backcountry camping adds an extra dimension to this tour, during dusk and dawn wildlife always seems to be more active and we could take the opportunity to go out for a sunset paddle. A dark night might reveal ‘a wonder of light’, bioluminescence frequently occurs during the summer months.

A maximum of 8 – 10 Nautical Miles (approx. 14 – 18km / 9 – 11mi) per paddling day. Distance will also depend on group preferences and goals, weather conditions and tides. It takes some time to complete packing and a pre-tour instruction on the first day of the tour, we aim to be back in Lund Harbour between 3pm and 4pm on the final day. It will speed up the start of a tour if Medical Information Forms and Liability Waivers are filled out and signed prior to the tour.

Paddle routes during this tour are within the sheltered class 2 waters of Desolation Sound. However, during this tour you might be exposed to some wind, waves, mild currents and boat wakes. Your guide will choose the route most appropriate for weather, tides, mild currents and group.

Camping will take place within the marine park on designated campsites. Tent platforms and an outhouse are the facilities that BC Parks has provided for our comfort.

No experience necessary! This guided tour is appropriate for beginners.

What You Bring

  • Yourself in good spirits and ready to go
  • A set of paddling-clothes and camp-clothes (see below)


Personal Gear

  • Prescription / over the counter drugs
  • Sunscreen / Lip-balm (high protection factor)
  • Hand sanitizing kit
  • Water bottle (1 liter filled)
  • Waterproof phone case / pouch


Paddling clothesQuick drying

  • Comfortable pants (no jeans or cotton)
  • Rain- / Wind-Jacket (rain pants)
  • Sun-protection (hat, glasses etc.)
  • Synthetic shirt(s)
  • Warm fleece sweater
  • Sturdy footwear / neoprene booties (will get wet)


Shore Clothes (keep dry)

  • Warm Fleece / Jacket
  • Dry pants (no jeans or cotton)
  • Dry shoes & (wool) socks
  • Warm under layer (aka ‘Long-John’s / -Jane’s)
  • Beanie / toque
Camping Gear
  • Toiletries / Camp-towel
  • Headlamp or flash-light
  • Bug repellant

What We Provide

  • Kayak / paddle / PFD / spray-skirt / kayak safety gear
  • All Camping equipment
  • All meals during the tour
  • Backcountry Camping Permit
  • Dry-bag(s) for your personal items (1x 20ltr and 1x 10ltr)
  • Neoprene wetsuit (if needed in the off-season)
Optional: Camping Upgrade Package

A Camping Upgrade Package contains:

  • A 3-person tent for 2 guests
  • An extra large / wide / thick inflatable mattress
  • A camp-pillow
  • A Helinox Camp Chair
  • Price: $70 + 5% GST per person

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