Footprint Tours & Courses FAQ’s

There are a multiple options to make a reservation: the easiest way is just to book online and follow the prompts on this website and Checkfront Booking Program.

If you don’t find availability for a preferred tour or course, or if you have a special request: just send us an email.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions regarding your stay in the Powell River or Lund area.

We gladly accept cash and credit card (Visa – MC – Amex) payments. We do prefer an e-transfer, and a 2.5% discount is offered on e-transfers. 

In North America it is fairly common to tip your guide(s) or Instructor(s)  if you think that they did an excellent job, the tip-amount or percentage would be somewhat similar to what you would tip in a restaurant.

Yes, there’s some paper-work involved. This is part of our intention to provide you with all the necessary tour-information. There is a standard Booking Form and a Liability Waiver. Multi-day tours also require additional relevant medical information. We always provide a Suggested Gear List and Departure Location, Driving / Parking Instruction. Al these forms and information will be emailed to you prior to a tour.

We absolutely regret it if you have to cancel a tour. Also, a fair amount of our costs are already made prior to a tour, therefore we have to invoice 25% up to 7 days prior to and 100% of the full amount if you cancel less than 7 days prior to a tour. We preserve the right to reschedule or cancel any of our tours due to adverse weather events and / or safety concerns; if it comes to that a full refund will be given.


  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and recreational cannabis (in any shape or form) during any of our day-tours (half day-tours etc.).

Multi-day tours:

  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and recreational cannabis (in any shape or form) as long as guest(s) is (are) participating in any physical activity (e.g. but not limited to: kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, swimming etc.)
  • The use of alcohol and recreational cannabis is allowed when in camp and guest(s) is (are) not participating in any physical activity. Also think about handling kitchen knifes, carrying kayaks etc.
  • We encourage our guests to use minimal amounts of alcohol and / or recreational cannabis (in any shape or form) and act as responsible adults
  • Guest(s) who use alcohol or recreational cannabis need to be of legal age (at least 19 years old in BC) to do so. Zero tolerance policy applies to minors at any given time and during any given tour.


  • The use of medically prescribed (by a physician) cannabis products are accepted, as any other prescription drug is. Participant should have disclosed this information prior to the tour by filling out the Medical Information Form.
  • Footprint will never provide any alcoholic beverages and / or recreational cannabis products during any of their tours.
  • Footprint guides will have full authority to cancel a tour (at any given time) when the zero-tolerance policy is offended. Costs evolving from that will be claimed from the guest(s) that caused the tour cancellation.
  • We will follow BC Parks guidelines regarding this subject matter

Our mottos are professional approach, small groups and personal attention. A maximum of six participants per guide is our standard. Although; we are able to host larger groups. Such as a family reunion, a group of friends or a staff retreat. Private tours are available upon request.

We do offer group-discounts for larger groups. Everybody in the group must know each other or know of each other at the time the booking is made. Group-discounts are only given on regular tours, as advertised on this website. Travel Specials, Special Events and other promotions are excluded.

Eight (8) or more: 10% group-discount (before tax)

Our youngest participants are about 4 years old and our most experienced paddlers have been in their 80’s. Just ask us if you have any doubt about which tour would be the most suitable one for your abilities and interests.

In order to ensure your comfort and safety, participants who have primary control of the kayak (the ones that control the rudder system) should be of sufficient age, height, weight and maturity to do so.

Please note: Your guide will always have the authority to make the final decision on kayak configuration and safety related issues. ‘Safety first, fun will follow.’

We always ask for your dietary preferences and food related allergies on our Booking Form. Vegetarian meals, vegan meals, gluten free, dairy free, other food preferences or even food dislikes won’t be a problem during any of our tours. We proudly serve tasty home-made lunches and fresh meals during our tours. Bon appétit!

All our tours are ‘all-inclusive’ and we will provide all necessary (safety) equipment, dry-bags and a tasty lunch during a day-tour and also all camping equipment, all other meals and back-country camping permits during a multi-day tour. We will provide all necessary (safety) equipment, dry-bags and a tasty lunch during a day-tour and also all camping equipment and all other meals and back-country camping permits during a multi-day tour. Besides that, we always provide a Suggested Gear List prior to your tour. On this list, you’ll find all the personal items you could bring. Please notify us if you have any extra items you would like to bring during an tour.

Most guests do bring a camera, from smart-phone to SLR with extra lenses. We’ve even paddled with professional photographers and film crews. We provide dry bags in order to stow your camera, smart-phone, extra gear and valuables. Please note: we can not be held responsible in the event your camera does get wet.

Strong wind could become a marine safety issue and therefore is an important factor, a shower or some rain is usually only a discomfort which we can deal with by bringing proper gear and equipment. Although it’s very rare that we have to reschedule or cancel a tour due to ‘challenging’ weather conditions, we always will explore the remaining options and make your stay on the Sunshine Coast as enjoyable as possible.

We meet at Desolation Sound Resort or in Lund Harbour at 9.00 am. After an introduction and a pre-tour instruction session we’ll embark for a lovely day on the ocean. During the day we will have ample time for a tasty fresh and home-made lunch and we aim to be back in Lund Harbour or at Desolation Sound Resort between 3.30 pm and 4.00 pm. Multi-day tours usually finish up around 3.00 pm.

Yes, there are lots of other interesting things to do. Our guides are always open to special requests and suggestions. Other activities could include hiking, geocaching, kayak-skills improvement, snorkeling, tidal explorations and swimming in the ocean or in a fresh water lake.

Our campsite are simply stunning. Most of our campsites will be on small islands or in sheltered bays on the Copeland Islands and in the heart of Desolation Sound. In Desolation Sound, mountain peaks will tower over us. Giving us the feeling of being rather small. We provide all camping gear. From tent to sleeping bag to coffee mug. Our tents will be pitched on tent-platforms, built by BC Parks. There’s always the relative comfort of an outhouse.

We provide all meals and snacks during a tour. Our food is fresh, wholesome and local when possible. And, our guides know how to prepare your meals just right.